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Holden Kayaking Club

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Holden Kayaking Club

Область (штат):
Worcester County
Географическое положение:

45 miles West from Boston.


Holden is a small town in Central Massachussets.

The climat is very similar to Ukraine and southern district of Russia. The water is open from the end of April till the end of October. Several lakes are located in the town itself and outside of it. We are paddling on a small like (600 m straight distance) three time in a week, each session 90 min. The session includes worm up exsersise, 5 x 500 m work outs and technical paddling for 20 min. Besides these techniques we are mastering self rescue technique - escimoroll. We have four polyethilene kayaks that could be used on the flat and whitewater as well and we combining flat water kayaking with white water runs and slalom on the New England rivers. The age of our paddlers is in between of 28 to 55 years. Most of us are from the country of the USSR. We are working for University of Massachussets MedSchool in the biotechnology and immunology programs.

On the attached file: the run on the upper section of Hudson River (Indian river). Kayaker - Sergei Popov. the training that I obtained in the school of Pavel Poburny in Kishinev allows me to run whitewater now at the age of 55, do 19 chin ups, and when I do have a spare time to do competiteve research.

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Ведущие спортсмены, тренеры:

Sergei Popov KMS K1 500 m.
Lena Popova.
Sergei Popov Jr.
Sergei Petrov.

Кто предоставил информацию:
Sergei Popov(08/07/2008)
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